Here at Hugh White Honda, we've probably seen it all. From car maintenance "shortcuts" that range from duct tape used to secure fabric on the interior to bigger things like a network of super glue and rope to secure a bumper, there's no limit to the creativity that people go through to keep their cars on the road with as little down-time as possible. However, not all shortcuts were created equal. One thing that you certainly do not want to ever do is fill your windshield washer reservoir with regular water.

Many people think of water as a cleaning agent, and while it's true that water can be used to cleanse your car from dirt, it is not meant to go inside of your washer reservoir for the following reasons:

  • Water does not clean as well as washer fluid. It does not contain solvents that help break apart insects and grime, and could leave more streaks behind, impeding your visibility.
  • Water provides a friendly environment for some types of mold and bacteria, posing a health risk to your car and passengers.
  • Water freezes at a higher temperature, leaving you susceptible to burst lines and a damaged washer pump. Washer fluid, on the other hand, comes designed with a small amount of antifreeze and can withstand colder temperatures.

If you believe it's time to refill your washer reservoir, stop by the Honda service facility here at Hugh White Honda for prompt service. We can advise you on the correct fluid to use and even show you how to refill your fluid at home.

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