Understanding Your Vehicle’s Suspension

Knowing the function of your suspension system is a good idea, so you will be tipped off when something isn’t right. A car’s suspension is made of many components, any one of which can take your ride from smooth to bumpy. Although you don’t have to understand the intricate workings of your vehicle’s suspension, just knowing that it is there to provide a smooth ride will help you to discern when something is off.

On the other hand, a suspension in good working condition will make the difference between damage to your vehicle and pain to your body when running over a significant pothole. While many vehicles bounce and shake after hitting a bump in the road, when your car’s suspension is in good working order, it minimizes the effects.

However, if you find yourself bouncing around a little too much, bring your car to our Honda service and parts shop today. Located in Columbus, Ohio, we will be happy to check your suspension, and let you know what your options are.

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