Discover the Proper Tire Pressure for Your Vehicle

Properly inflated tires are essential to safe driving, as they allow your car to handle properly and make the correct contact with the surface you are driving on. Most cars have a tire pressure warning light that will come on indicating an issue with tire pressure. Below are some tips about the tire pressure warning light:

  • What Does It Mean? - If the tire pressure warning light comes on, it means that your tires are either under inflated or over inflated. If your tires are not at the right pressure, they will not handle properly. This situation can lead to dangerous driving conditions or will create uneven wear and tear on the tire, also leading to dangerous driving conditions.
  • Does It Replace Tire Pressure Checks? - It is important to note that the tire pressure warning light, while a convenient way to approximate the amount of pressure in your tires, is no substitute for regular tire pressure checks. If the sensors in your tires are not functioning properly, then they may not accurately report the pressure in your tires. It is wise to check them manually on a regular basis.

At Hugh White Honda, we know how important tire pressure is to safe driving. If you have any questions regarding tire pressure or the tire pressure warning lights, visit our Honda repair facility and speak with one of our experts.

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