How to Safely Jump Start Another Vehicle

You're out shopping, but once you get back to your car, you discover that it won't start. The engine simply won't turn over. What should you do? These steps will help you to jump a car that has a dead battery.

  • Enlist the help of a friendly motorist with a working vehicle. Bring the car with the good battery to the nose of the disabled vehicle.
  • Take the positive cable ends and attach one of them to the positive terminal on the dead battery; the other goes to the positive terminal on the good battery.
  • Now take one of the negative ends of the cable and hook to the negative terminal on the dead battery; the other end connects to the metal frame on the other car.
  • Stand clear, start the car and leave it running so it can provide enough power to the dead battery.
  • Try to start the car after two minutes, keeping in mind that it might take a few tries.
  • Once started, take off the jumper cables in reverse order.

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