What Motor Oil Myths Can We Dispel?

Most drivers understand the importance of having the oil changed in their vehicles but many don’t know much more beyond that due to motor oil myths that have been around forever. Believing many of the myths can actually damage your vehicle. Stop at Hugh White Honda and speak with our technicians and get the true facts.

The type of motor oil your vehicle needs depends on the vehicle and the weather. Although many believe that the W on the motor oil can (20W-50) means weight, it actually means winter. Fluctuating temperatures can make the oil viscosity change. Use motor oil appropriate for the weather, and change it at the mileage recommended in your owner’s manual.

We’re always available to answer your motor oil-related questions or any auto-related questions. We can also set you up on a schedule for your oil changes. Visit us at our Honda service shop in Columbus and let us help.

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