Roadside Emergency Preparedness

It's always smart to be prepared in the event of an emergency. Putting together a basic roadside emergency kit can make being stranded on the side of the road slightly less terrifying.

Safety should always come first. Be sure to include several 15-minute road flares or a set of triangle reflectors in your roadside emergency kit. If you live in an area where extremely cold temperatures are a regular occurrence,you should also include a blanket, chemical hand warmers, cat litter for traction on slippery surfaces and a shovel.

It makes sense to have the tools to get your vehicle moving again in your roadside emergency kit. Jumper cables, motor oil, antifreeze, hand tools and a chargeable air compressor should be carried in every vehicle at all times.

Most roadside emergencies can be prevented with regular vehicle maintenance. The experienced service technicians at the Hugh White Honda service center in Columbus are available for all of your vehicle care needs.

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