Common Causes of an Engine Overheating

If you've noticed your engine temperature gauge edging upward and are worried this might indicate a serious problem, there are a few things you can check to rule out common causes of an overheating engine.

The most common cause of an engine overheating has a simple fix. Check your engine coolant reservoir to see if the level is low and top it up if necessary. Your engine can't properly cool itself without adequate levels of coolant. Another common cause is escalating outside temperatures, which can challenge any engine to stay cool. If you've ruled out these simple causes, it may be that an engine component has failed. A faulty water pump, belt, thermostat or fan will need a professional mechanic to repair it.

If you suspect your car is overheating because of a faulty engine component, bring your vehicle to Hugh White Honda, where we can diagnose and repair the problem so you'll be on your way again quickly.



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