Tips for Preventing Rodent Damage

At Hugh White Honda, we want you to be aware of certain risks to your car. Rodent damage is something drivers seldom think about until they find damage under the hood, such as chewed wires and hoses or nests built around the engine. Stop and see us and allow us to offer you some tips on how to prevent rodent damage.

One of the ways to avoid rodent damage is to keep them away, which can be accomplished by not making the garage an attractive place for them. Keep all food, like dog food, deer bait, etc. out of the garage. Set traps near the car or on the tires. Block off open holes with screens. Avoid parking near trees or brush.

Whether you’re in need of automotive service or would just like us to check over your car for potential rodent damage, we’re the place to go. Pay our Honda dealership a visit.



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