How to Correct a Slide on Icy Roads

Have you ever been on an icy road and felt your car start to slide as you brake? You probably were going a bit too fast when you started to brake. In general, you should keep your speed down below 45 mph. If you do find your wheels locking up, you can correct this by turning the wheels into the slide. This will cause your car to slow down, but you need to be careful that you maintain a slow speed and don't brake too hard.

When turning your steering wheel, you also don't want to over-correct as this could cause more problems. As your vehicle accelerates on icy roads, it may not be able to slow down, especially if the wheels become locked. As you brake, this only causes the wheels to lock more in icy conditions.

Snow tires and all-wheel drive can help prevent sliding as well. Want to see the latest options for your vehicle or a new one? Test drive a vehicle at Hugh White Honda.



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