Acid Rain and Road Salt Can Damage Vehicles

Here at our location, we take time to help our customers and other drivers to keep their cars in better condition. During cold weather months, a common culprit in slow-moving vehicle damage is lowly road salt. In addition to being a potent ice melter, road salt is also a powerful corrosive agent. As such, if drivers allow it to cake onto their vehicles and to stay there for long periods of time, it can and will cause significant amounts of damage.

In addition to road salt, another common cause of liquid-based damage is acid rain. While not all localities are subject to this damaging weather phenomenon, individuals who do live in such areas are often advised of its advent by local weather services. Much like road salt, acid rain can quickly corrode vehicle finishes as well as components. Luckily, both of these damaging conditions are easily defeated with simple routine cleanings.

Drivers who live in areas affected by acid rain or who drive during winter months should completely wash their vehicles at least once a week. During these cleaning sessions, drivers should make sure to clean their under carriages as these are more likely to harbor harmful substances. In addition, drivers should repair chips of paint that are larger larger than a fingernail and keep their cars properly waxed in order to preclude possible issues.



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