Automotive Care: Why Washing Your Vehicle is so Important

At Hugh White Honda, our customers are important to us, which is why we provide them with information that helps them keep their cars looking good and running smoothly. Washing your vehicle is vital because it removes dirt, pollen, debris, and other contaminants from the exterior, which will prevent damage. Dirt that is left caked on a vehicle can cause rusting, scratches, and damage to the protective coat.

If you keep your vehicle washed, it will help improve fuel efficiency. When a vehicle's exterior is clean, it is 10 percent more fuel efficient than a car that is dirty. This is because dirt causes increased drag that requires more fuel use.

Are you wondering, how often should I wash my car? This depends. If you live in an area with mild temperatures, then washing your vehicle about once a month should suffice. If you have a long commute, then you may want to wash it once a week. It is also suggested to wash it about once a week if you live in an area with extreme heat.



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