The new Honda Passport is a top choice among Columbus drivers seeking rugged, mid-size SUVs. With innovative technologies, superior comfort, and ample cargo space, it's perfect for both in-city commutes and long drives. At Hugh White Honda, we're eager to help locals learn more about some of the outstanding capabilities that the Honda Passport boasts.

All-Terrain, All-Wheel Drive

If you love exploring off the beaten path, then you'll definitely enjoy the Honda Passport. This vehicle comes with all-terrain, all-wheel drive. This  all-wheel drive system includes a built-in torque-vectoring system for masterfully handling wet, slippery roads and other challenging surfaces. It does so by accurately responding to the available traction at every wheel. 

Enjoy a Consistently Smooth Ride With a Fully Independent Suspension System

The Honda Passport also comes with a fully independent suspension system. This sophisticated design allows the Passport to traverse rocky, rugged terrain, without any significant amount of bounce. Not only does this make bumpy rides more comfortable for everyone, but it also allows for superior maneuverability and control.



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