Next-Gen Tech for Today’s Cars: the Honda Accord

May 16th, 2022 by

The Honda Accord is a perfect example of next-gen tech integrated seamlessly into one of today’s most popular cars. One of the world’s favorite mid-size sedans, the Honda Accord stays on the scene and remains very competitive thanks to its advanced, user-friendly technology. Following, our Hugh White Honda team shines a spotlight on Honda Accord technology.

Blind Spot Issues? Fixed

The Honda Accord’s Blind Spot Information System employs advanced radars and sensors to monitor both of its blind spots even at highway speeds. When the radars and sensors detect vehicles in either blind spot, the information system alerts you, helping you make a safer, much-needed lane change with timeliness and grace.

The Cross Traffic Monitor

Relying on the same technology, the Cross Traffic Monitor detects oncoming vehicles crossing behind the Honda Accord as you back it out of a tight parking spot. This feature is especially useful in busy mall parking lots where larger vehicles parked on both sides of you may obscure your rear-side views.

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